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Introducing Horst Kirchberger's Exquisite Makeup Line: Elevating Beauty

With over 40 years of expertise, Horst Kirchberger presents a captivating makeup line rooted in vision, emotion, and profound industry knowledge.

Renowned star makeup artist Horst Kirchberger, founder of Kirchberger Kosmetik GmbH in Munich, has gained international acclaim in the beauty world. His illustrious career in cities like Paris, Milan, and New York has shaped his exceptional artistry. Through collaborations with prestigious cosmetic firms and high-profile shoots for glossy magazines, Kirchberger has honed his understanding of outstanding cosmetics.

Drawing on his wealth of experience, he developed a makeup line featuring professional-grade products of the utmost quality. With "Easy application - professional results" as its mantra, the brand continuously optimizes and expands its distinctive collection of over 140 items, catering to diverse customer needs. The enduring results and skin-friendly formulas instill confidence and a sublime feeling during product application. Innovative textures and unwavering commitment to quality underline the brand's unparalleled expertise. The makeup line is formulated based on the latest scientific research, with mineral-based ingredients suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Its high pigment content ensures excellence in digital photography and film.

Discover Horst Kirchberger's exquisite makeup line, available in over 300 leading stores and boutiques across several European countries.

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Elevate your beauty experience with Horst Kirchberger's exquisite makeup line.